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          When drinking hot to eat?

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          Hot rice wine in a coarse bowls, makes bold enough, enough. A bowl of aniseed, a few fresh wet fish, some more simple vegetables, is the southern wine good food.

          Wine has good heat, want to match what kind of food to collision out they beautiful?

          Drink, snack dishes is the key.

          Drink, snack dishes is the key. Sipping warm warm wine, what to match some dishes, you will be the most perfect taste out?

          Now that the wine is hot, so might as well recommend a few cold dishes, taste on mutual echo. Southerners like to drink wine with aniseed, a dab of aniseed strip to slowly, deserve to go up a bowl of wine, drink face flushed and one's ears hot, is comfortable, or, leisurely spend a period of time. Also can match is the fish, fumigated the golden fish is very classical kind of snacks should we have, it is dry, that does not damage the wine taste, salty taste, this directly to eat all delicious.

          Clear fresh sashimi and wine is a perfect fit

          Tofu, vegetables in clay pot soup is not much, will not weaken the wine taste, is a winter night return to warm the hearts of wine.

          If you prefer more light, might as well draw lessons from Japanese cuisine, manual tofu with the aging of soy sauce, add some chopped green onion is a good dish, suitable for light but also has a rich flavor of rice wine. Can also use tofu in clay pot in the similar to Japanese cuisine dishes, few soup can not only warm, will not weaken the wine taste, is the most let a person a great wine night return match. Should match whiskey liquor, such as can choose charcoal roasted dried salmon fat rich dishes, prominent oil aroma and bouquet will collide with each other very wonderful aftertaste and aftertaste.

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