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          Drinking four appropriate

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          An appropriate with sweet and sour dishes.

          When drinking alcohol, eat more sweet and sour dishes cooking, is very beneficial to health. Such as lotus root and other sweet and sour, sweet and sour fish, sweet and sour ribs, sweet and sour salad, etc. Because drinking bad for the liver, and sugar on the liver and blood circulation has certain protective effect. Acidic food and wine to produce the esterification reaction of the alcohol, generate acetate ethanol, can reduce the adverse effects of ethanol on the central nervous system, and has certain therapy effect.

          As a kind of snacks should we have two appropriate to bean curd dishes.

          Because the bean curd of cysteine is a kind of main amino acids, it can ethanol detoxification, can make it quickly after discharge.

          Three appropriate edible high protein foods.

          An intoxicated person who commits to drink some milk, so that the protein coagulation, protect gastric mucosa, reduce the absorption of alcohol. Or take 1-2 eggs take, also have the same effect.

          Four appropriate USES ageratum fluid therapy.

          Ageratum upright fluid can reduce the discomfort and delay caused by alcohol, there is a clinical application and the literature data.

          Drinking four appropriate

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