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          Three key of health drink

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          A healthy drink

          Unless the people who are allergic to alcohol, teetotal is not conservative healthy way, because of our body has a certain capacity, as long as it is no more than this amount, alcohol will not affect the body. How much is the right amount of wine, doctors and winemaker suggest wine consumption per person per day for men: 300 ~ 400 ml, women per day: 200 ~ 300 ml is most suitable.

          There is a formula can help you calculate the different amount of pleasant to drink alcohol in wine:

          Label on the bottle of alcohol (digital only) * drink component (in litres) = 12% alcohol units (approx) a bottle of 750 ml of alcohol concentration of red wine, about 12 x 0.75 = 9 unit of alcohol. Men daily intake of no more than four alcohol unit, Ms. Daily intake of alcohol units is not more than three, the basic is right amount, then, a day to drink half a bottle of wine, is supposed to be healthy.

          Healthy time

          Drinking is the best time to 7 PM to 9 PM in the evening, this time in human liver alcohol dehydrogenase activity increases, the metabolism of alcohol are more likely to be off, but after half past nine, the farther the middle of the night, the lower the ability of the liver, so wine is good, but should not use it to accompany the night.

          Healthy way

          Don't drink on an empty stomach, if not mastered wine catering skills, can use a little cheese to go with wine, no matter what kind of wine, and cheese collocation are together will foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, this is also a wine tasting often use a snack. Before drinking, can complement vitamin C, vitamin B, eat sweets and protein food or drink some milk to protect gastric mucosa, so alcohol can alleviate the harm of human body.

          Wine should be slowly to realize the vintage beautiful, so the health claims coincides with the wine tasting - slow drink fine article, part of the alcohol will be distributed from the respiratory system, thus reducing the amount of alcohol directly enter the body. (article source "the river signs up for")

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