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          The nutritional value of alcohol

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          Liquor due to their high alcohol content, human intake is limited by a certain nutritional value is limited, but the ingredients in liquor is very complicated, such as maotai, upon examination, it contains sweet flavours as many as 70 kinds of. Some of these substances are necessary to human body health.

          Rice wine contains sugar, dextrin, organic acids, amino acids and a variety of vitamins, has the very high nutritional value. Especially contains a variety of more amount of amino acid, is can't be matched by other wine. Such as add rice yellow wine contains 17 kinds of amino acids, of which there are seven kinds of amino acids is essential and body can't synthesis. Yellow rice wine of calorific value is higher, more than beer and wine. Because of yellow rice wine is rice and millet rice as raw material, after a long time of saccharification, ferment, starch and protein in the material is broken down by enzymes become low molecular sugars, easy digestion and absorption by human body. So people put the rice wine as a nutritional drink wine.

          Wine contain nutrients. In wine, for example, in addition to containing vitamin B1, B2, C and sugar ten kinds of amino acids and other nutrients, also contains vitamin B12 of pernicious anemia, generally about 15 micrograms per liter contain. The role of wine is appetizing, fitness.

          Beer has been referred to as "liquid bread", its nutrition is rich. A bottle of beer contains 30 grams of dextrin, sugar, and a variety of vitamins and minerals, after the body to digest, can produce the equivalent of five or six eggs, the heat generated by the one jin of lean meat. Therefore, the general said beer is a good drink.

          As to the medicated wine in various tonic wine, due to containing ginseng, pilose antler, Chinese wolfberry, angelica, tokay, such as tonic, tonic effect on the human body is bigger.

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