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          How all kinds of wine kind of heating drinking more elegant

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          Guan yu he drank chopped huaxiong, from now on of the governors; Cao cao about hero, bitter, sweet and sour in throat... In Chinese history, and he drank about highway to many, all extremely heroes ambition. Not only as we know, in fact, rice wine, liquor, wine, wine and so on can be heated to drink, and heating temperature, heating the heating of the ingredients, such as there are a lot of elegant. Winter season comes, the yangzi evening news reporter interviewed a number of experts, bring you the winter he drank strategy.

          Yellow rice wine

          Invigorate the circulation of hot drink to warm the stomach and wine easy to loose

          - he drank way: water bath heating, heating temperature: 40 ~ 45 ℃

          Ingredients: plum, shredded ginger, eggs, etc

          Executive editor of the journal of GuYue longshan RuYongZheng, according to the season in the temperature under 10 ℃, the most suitable temperature to drink yellow rice wine. Generally water bath heating to 40 ~ 45 ℃, wine, drink warm stomach qi. Temperature is too low, wine, and you won't come too high, easy to excessive alcohol evaporate. Hot rice wine to drink, not only warm stomach qi, its wine send out quickly, people feel very comfortable.

          Water bath heating is a better way. Shaoxing yellow rice wine local heating method is commonly "series tube hot water". Pour string of cylinder, and then put into the boiling water bath, heating to 40 ~ 45 ℃, is a simpler way, with the hand to touch the glass, human body temperature is 37 ℃, heated to 40 ~ 45 ℃, feeling slightly higher than the temperature.

          "Such as the yellow rice wine in chengdu, chongqing promotion, will add a few words plum. Yellow rice wine with plum, both elegant, sweet and delicious. The palate is more likely to be accepted, also more emotional appeal. But add the plum wine, easy to" a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role ", if you want to taste the real taste of wine, had better not add, or pure drinking is better." RuYongZheng told the yangzi evening news reporter, adding different ingredients in yellow rice wine, can have different effects, such as add shredded ginger wine, can warm in winter to keep warm, warm stomach; Summer can prevent heatstroke, have antipyretic sterilization, detoxification, and increase appetite, cold drink the best.

          "Wine is heated to 92 ℃ or so, scattered into eggs, then add brown sugar, small stewing for a moment. Often drink can fill in yiqi, strong gluten JianGu, to prevention and treatment of neurasthenia, dizziness tinnitus, insomnia, forgetfulness, etc. Body empty, knowledge workers, mental tension and often work overtime to drink the most appropriate." In addition, the longan and litchi, jujube, ginseng, and bring. Its efficacy for help in strong force, nourishing qi and blood, virtual failure on fitness, anemia, woman menstruation to be not moved.

          RuYongZheng said, ancient books there are in the winter to drink rice wine appropriate temperature is introduced, such as "a dream of red mansions" back to treasure chai of 8 a heated up to drink talk: treasure jade to drink at aunt xue, said: "don't have to be very hot warm, I only drink cold." Aunt xue said: "eat cold drink, write chattering son." Treasure chai say with smile: "treasure brothers, kui you daily home learn side closed, don't just know wine hottest, jorge eat, send out quickly, to continue to eat cold, then condensation, take five to warm him, will not suffer." "Write chattering son" is actually a sign of a drunken, eat cold drink drunk easily, and a drunken time will spin.


          He drank to cold also can remove harmful substances

          - he drank way: water bath heating, heating temperature: 30 ℃ to 40 ℃ is preferred

          Ingredients: no

          Compared with rice wine, the question of whether a potent liquor can heat up drinking is controversial. Some argue that the liquor in the ethanol content of high boiling point, low heat the liquor is quite volatile, destroyed the liquor taste. But, in fact, since ancient times have wine warm drink tradition.

          Chow time he drank vessels, etc., is a powerful proof. Why want to warm the drink? They judged the yuan Jia Ming said, "whoever drinking appropriate temperature, unfavorable heat". Drink cold is bad, Jia Ming said again, "cold drink in hand war" this statement is reasonable.

          A medical worker tells a reporter, after the liquor heating drinking is good for your health. The main components in the liquor is ethanol, but it also contains a small amount of substances such as methanol, acetaldehyde, fusel oil, they are harmful to human body health. Such as methanol is harmful to the optic nerve. Too much formaldehyde, can cause dizziness, headache.

          Methanol in wine boiling point is 64 ℃, the boiling point of acetaldehyde is 21 ℃, when heated, they will evaporate into gas, so as to eliminate or reduce the wine poison of this kind of harmful material to human body. In addition, the wine in the process of heating boiling point is 78.3 ℃ of some alcohol will evaporate. So, white wine to drink after heating and more safety. Liquor inlet temperature at 30 ℃ and 40 ℃ is preferred. Not only that, the wine in the process of heating, ethanol will evaporate, make the concentration of the wine is slightly lower, and hot drink into the belly easy to drain. Therefore, drinking hot intoxicate not easily, and can reduce the harmful substances to the body of the poison. Heat should have a limit for wine, of course, if it is too hot, can make the wine evaporate most or all of the main ingredient in ethanol, wine is too hot, drink after lung injury.

          Fruit cooked, cheap drinks out of the magic

          - he drank way: a small fire heating

          - heating temperature: can boil, pay attention to control time

          Ingredients: orange, apple, cinnamon, cloves, lemon peel

          Many people know that the research on wine slightly, the wine is most suited to the inlet temperature is 18 degrees, dry can be refrigerated after drinking, heating for wine, is did not even heard of many senior wine lovers of drink.

          The most authoritative international wine and spirits education organization WSET senior taster Zhu Qingyang tells a reporter, it can be heated to drink wine. In Germany, for example, a cold winter, the family around the burning fire, drinking hot wine scene is quite common. Austrian people like white wine also as a hot object, and the French generally willing to choose a taste after skiing is relatively strong claret for heating, some awesome French people are still keen on the water in the hot red wine fierce add brandy, in order to achieve a warm strong taste.

          "Is more common, in adding suitable amount of lemon, cloves, longan wine and sugar and a little drink after heating. For women, you can also add slices of oranges, apples boiled together, taste pretty good also.

          Heating "wine, taste will be changed, because good wine itself has very good taste, try not to use this method, want to heat, or choose some cheap wine." Zhu Qingyang said.

          Hot drinks wine taste sweet, not only for women, and in the effect of warm warm, health and beauty, relaxing tendons. A cold, drink a cup of steaming hot wine, but also to the antiviral, improve immunity and relieve psychological pressure, for often suffer from insomnia, hot drinks wine also help improve sleep, improve sleep quality.


          Join laozhao red jujube, boil a full-bodied fragrance

          - he drank way: a small fire heating, heating temperature: can boil

          Ingredients: laozhao, Chinese wolfberry, rock sugar, lemon

          Sorching summer, to a glass of cold beer is the most refreshing, but if in the cold winter, like a cup of, a lot of people on the second day, I'm afraid to intestines and stomach problems. Winter drink cool beer easy to damage the stomach, particularly the elderly and people with severe gastrointestinal disease.

          Winter in the south of China also is a "beer boiled laozhao of drink," the beer and laozhao poured into the pot, adding suitable amount of wolfberry, rock sugar, lemon, after being boil. Serve. Boiled alcohol in beer have been volatile, so the drink to drink little women is very appropriate also.

          Mr. Chen is a senior patrons, he told reporters that his in the winter, to 2 bottles of beer, 60 grams laozhao, five pound of red jujube, 10 Chinese wolfberry and small amounts of orange peel, sugar all together into the boil, boil 10 minutes turn off the fire. This concocted beer taste pure alcohol and, rich smell. "Tastes very sweet, very nice, some people don't consciously drank some more, but it may be because the cause of the mixed liquor, the power is very big still."

          Different wine the different dishes

          The Chinese say "not separation" tables, eat food when the company must have the right wine, drinking a little not suit also. Food and drinks like a pair of the relationship between men and women, can only sparks of taste wonderful collocation.

          Yellow rice wine is a kind of suitable for fine action of drink slowly, so kind of snacks should we have is best can by hand grasp, "kong yiji" described in aniseed is most appropriate. In jiangsu and zhejiang area, the big yellow rice wine shop, local wine must not peanuts, aniseed, dried beancurd, dried fish etc, drink with warm yellow rice wine, chew, chew, while chat and slowly enjoy, comfortable. This season, beautiful crab is also the perfect collocation of yellow rice wine.

          Wine is a full of romantic temperament, the most simple collocation principle is "red wine with red meat, white wine with white meat." The former is suitable for beef and mutton, and the latter is suited to seafood, etc. In winter, of course, a cup of warm boiled red fruit, can match various western-style dessert and mashed potatoes is also a good choice.

          Liquor table had better choose heavy taste, choose the oil thick meat can reduce the stimulation of liquor to the stomach, what braise in soy sauce meat, barbecued spareribs, boiled fish dishes are very appropriate, such as normal Chinese lunch and dinner can be worn with white wine.

          Pouring temperature is varied

          The ancients in warm wine. Is evident from the collocation of warm wine, furnace cup, bowl, pot of form a complete set of form a complete set, set of cup match, etc., and the material of warm wine, such as copper, iron, tin, pottery and porcelain. About wine temperature records, as early as Monday period has emerged. The han dynasty, had he drank cup of the wine, with a spoon, facilitate take wine. The tang dynasty began to appear a lot of gold and silver materials he drank apparatus, modelling luxuriant dignified. After the tang and song dynasty, warm wine to ceramics for the mainstream. Set of POTS, cups, popular folk called hot hip flask, hot wine glasses. Jingdezhen blue and white, color porcelain products, products are production yixing purple sand pot, cup package is also very famous. Pot and cover cup with a small pot of small cup match with shell, shell can be injected into hot water and he drank. All these items in very fine, cylindrical, hexagon, octagon, round drum, etc., pot body beautiful elegant decorative pattern. During the Ming and qing dynasties, he drank appeared a rapid change, shape is various, have a warm bowl, temperature wine pot, wine he drank furnace, temperature, material is more diverse.

          Modern market, the material of wine is more diverse, both traditional brass, ceramics, and silver, tin, and glass, each has its own characteristics. The be fond of according to each can choose different pouring temperature.


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