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          The strategic rules of liquor-making industry and challenges

          Add date:2013-11-28 16:44:31 source:本站原創 reading:

          Look from the law of development of liquor-making industry, throughout the development strategy of Chinese liquor enterprise process, almost all liquor enterprises to jump out of the "12510" strategic growth model.

          The so-called "12510" strategic growth model, it is to point to when the enterprise development in different scale development stage, the growth of liquor in a obvious "inflection point", liquor enterprise according to the market competition, enterprise vision, brand value and the choice of organization development "strategic growth stage model". To be specific is:

          1: refers to the enterprise scale development to 100 million yuan, the industry is called "base building" phase. This stage, the enterprise development strategy of driving elements are: implementation of all products, precision farming full channel, full price area.

          2: refers to the enterprise scale development to the scale of 200 million yuan of above, the industry is called "plate construct" phase, this phase, liquor enterprise strategic growth driver elements are: precision farming area + leading products.

          5: refers to the enterprise development scale development to 500 million yuan of above, the industry referred to as "capital of breakthrough" phase, this phase, liquor enterprise strategic growth driver element is: the leading product + brand.

          10: refers to the enterprise development is worth more than 10 $, this industry is called "base in the province" stage, this stage, the liquor is the core elements of enterprise strategic growth: main products + area expansion.

          Rapid advances in 2013, once the Chinese liquor industry as if overnight into a turbulent; All kinds of "winters theory", "down", public institutions of China's famous in the first quarter of the disclosure of financial statements is gloomy. As a result, both companies, distributors, and consulting agencies, public institutions, media, in the face of the Chinese liquor industry present a one-sided "fraught wanli setting".

          In the winter also will have the spring; Through quarterly reports, in addition to a line such as line wine maotai, wuliangye wine growth, industry appeared a batch of "upstarts" : such as qinghai and mutual assistance of highland barley, hebei hengshui is tempting, henan luoyang holding du kang and four special wine industry of hubei rice fragrant flowers, jiangxi, sichuan FengGu liquor, anhui to meet before the wine all realize China's dismal situation upturn in 2013, is a dark horse industry. Why are these companies can under the background of excitation turbidity Yang qing upstream do a dose of desire? A careful study, they present three features:

          1. Have considerable brand genes and the consumer base.

          2. Small but for a long time, focusing on the local market.

          3. The last three years "focus" in the province.

          The last two years, however, liquor market, you can see that regional liquor enterprise market development is "" a mess:

          Category is less than two billions of enterprise, home market is not ready to, and engaged in advertising, the national investment, apart from guizhou, sichuan has the famous base of enterprises over the years "teacher heel dead", let alone the general enterprise's madness monkey enclosure.

          There is a kind of enterprise, focusing on a regional market in the province for a long time, sales nearly $5, but in a golden decade, sales rise but not fall, after our thorough research is not hard to find: enterprise missed the best period of strategic opportunities of the province quickly. Liquor enterprises entered the downward channel adjustment, to start the province strategy, strategically have been successful.

          For performance has exceeded 200 million yuan of above various regional liquor companies, "focusing on the province" is always difficult to bypass the enterprise development and must face to face with the topic, the province strategy is the necessary strategic path of corporate earnings growth.


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