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          Drink dont have the concept of the wrong

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          Drink to eat meat to eat that is chronic suicide, no nutrition, in the liquor only heat. So often don't eat staple food, not only cause indigestion, also easy to cause malnutrition. Light don't eat staple food, meat is malnutrition, the nutrition of 70% from the staple food, the other from the side. Second, regular drinkers, body in a large number of vitamin B deficiency, lack of VB lack the enzyme activity of the body, the body a lot of features is difficult to play out, but in the staple food contains a lot of VB.

          Alcohol helps to sleep a lot of people think that drinking will make you sleepy, in fact not the case. Small amounts of alcohol can be exciting, after they drink a lot of to suppress, shallow weak breathing, metabolism, hypothermia, in the wild, or easy to sleep "death" in the snow. Drinking, many parts of the body will be congestion, such as throat congestion, sleep would snore and muscle relaxation or collapse, can make breathing is not smooth or airway obstruction, easy cause disease of heart head blood-vessel or accidental death.

          Alcohol, tobacco, and smoking alone, the coal tar were hurt just respiratory system. Drinking and smoking, cocktail party take smoke harmful ingredients to all parts of the body.

          Alcohol can take out the two enzymes in the human body, how many are born, is determined by genetic factors, could not have a change in the day after tomorrow. Americans have done a test, a person's healthy body, the liver is normal, pure alcohol, only 40 grams a day! The two white wine. Dinner party bulls, should separate the meal arrangement, the next five to moderate alcohol consumption, to reduce the harm to the body.

          Drink cold drink after the first phase of the whole body will be fever, especially the high degree of liquor, the following will be cold. So after drinking will be sure to keep warm! But and low-alcohol rice wine, rice wine contains active substances, can extend the time of fever.

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